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RC Electrolyser Manufacture

RC Electrolysers

Pink H2 Ltd will license RC Electrolysis technology for manufacture under contract.

Manufacture of RCE


Before Pink H2 can be produced, the RCE technology needs to be built. As of now, there are no factories that produce RCE technology. In some ways RCE is similar to Alkaline electrolysis, but the differences between the two technologies are significant. Importantly, some of the difficulties associated with building Alkaline electrolysers do not exist with RCE technology.


Pre planning

Pink H2 Ltd is currently developing the market ready version of RCE technology with an expected 18-24 months project before large scale production can commence.

However, new technology manufacture at scale requires a significant amount of pre-planning. We believe it is vitally important to begin the pre-planning as soon as possible.


Local jobs


We envisage that manufacture of RCE technology will take place in the country of use, creating local jobs and boosting local and regional economies. A 1 GW RC Electrolyser factory creates approximately 600 local jobs, direct, upstream and downstream.


Demand for Hydrogen


At present there is an enormous demand for Electrolysers- The EU has legislated H2 as the way to go for climate change. RCE technology beats Alkaline and PEM technologies hands down on price and performance. Less than half the price and twice the performance.

The demand for RCE technology will be very high, and factories could struggle to meet the demand. Pre-planning needs to consider rapid expansion of production.


Factory profit margin.


Pink H2 Ltd will buy-back the RCE technology from your factory and on sell to meet local market demand. The buy-back price will provide the factory with a good profit margin, which is well above typical profit margins for technology manufacturing.  The capex costs for RCE technology will be approximately 1/3 the cost of existing alkaline or PEM electrolysers and the opex costs will also be significantly lower, ensuring that factory output stays competitive and giving the factory a long term profitability.