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Pink H2

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New H2  technology to transform the energy, transport  and heavy CO2 emitting industries.


What we do.


Pink H2 Ltd have developed a method of zero-carbon H2 (hydrogen) production called Resonant Control Electrolysis. RCE is many times more energy and cost efficient than Alkaline or PEM electrolysis.

Green H2 produced with renewabl energy and conventional electrolysis has production costs of   € 3 -5 per kg.

Blue H2 has production costs of € 1.40 per kg and Grey H2 has production costs of € 1.00 per kg.

PinkH2 RCE technology can produce zero carbon H2 for less than € 0.50 per kg


Hydrogen – a key strategy for zero-carbon industrial applications.


Hydrogen is at the core of the strategy of the EU Green Deal, because it can be used to produce energy for many industrial applications without CO2 emissions and the only emissions are water. However the existing methods of production and storage of H2 are beset with high costs and difficulties in implementation.


Market ready version time scale


Pink H2 Ltd is currently developing the market ready version of RCE technology with an expected 18-24 months project before large scale production can commence. However, new technology manufacture at scale requires a significant amount of pre-planning. We believe it is vitally important to begin the pre-planning running concurrently with RCE market ready version development.


Seeking Manufacture partners of RCE


Before any Pink H2 can be produced the RCE technology needs to be built. As of now, there are no factories that produce RCE technology. Each factory partner could be a wholly owned and very profitable business. Retail capex prices for PinkH2 RCE technology are £ 250/kW compared to alkaline or PEM electrolysers costing £900/kW. RCE technology opex costs are also lower.   We seek to collaboration partners for potential joint ventures for the manufacture and marketing of RCE Technology.



IP on applications for PinkH2 in many industries


In addition to our IP on the core RCE technology, we have IP on methods to use RCE in major CO2 emitting industries such as steel, cement, chlor-alkali, ammonia, glass, ferrochrome, brickmaking and synthetic aviation kerosene production. However, our focus at present is on HRS (hydrogen refuelling stations) and zero-carbon electricity production.

We are seeking manufacture partners to work with us to meet the demand, and for potential future customers to engage with us to plan your zero carbon projects. 

Our Mission

Gemsbok are the most fuel-efficient mammal, able to survive nine days in the desert without water. Their emissions are part of a regenerative cycle in that environment.  Pink H2 Ltd aims to be part of a regenerative cycle for mankind, enabling zero-carbon energy with only harmless or regenerative emissions.