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Pink H2

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Pink H2 is hydrogen produced by a newly developed method called Resonant Control Electrolysis. Zero-carbon emissions in production. RC Electrolysis has significantly reduced energy costs to produce hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in low cost H2.

All around the world, chief executives of transport and heavy industry are very concerned about how to reduce CO2 emissions and how to be cost competitive whilst doing so. The existing CO2 reduction solutions are very expensive, and often problematic.

Pink H2 Ltd provides zero-carbon and low cost energy solutions for electricity, transport and industry.

  • Pink H2 can be installed on your site, providing you with very low cost zero carbon energy.
  • On demand: energy when you need it.
  • On site:  where you want it.
  • Low cost:  zero carbon electricity at 1/3 the costs of wind or solar, with 100% availability.

We are seeking manufacture partners to work with us to meet the demand, and for potential future customers to engage with us to plan your zero carbon projects. 

Our Mission

Gemsbok are the most fuel-efficient mammal, able to survive nine days in the desert without water. Their emissions are part of a regenerative cycle in that environment.  Pink H2 Ltd aims to be part of a regenerative cycle for mankind, enabling zero-carbon energy with only harmless or regenerative emissions.